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Nina Hjelman

Lankoorintie 100

29100 Luvia


Terms os Sale

Please read the terms before making the reservation

* All animals will be healthy and feeding without problems. They will be sexed several times as well as possible but no 100% guarantees can be given. If you have a valid reason for not being satisfied with your animals you must notify us within 48 hours after taking delivery. We will replace them or refund your money if stock is unavailable.​


* All animals will have a certificate of origin.


* Reservation fee is 20 - 30 % of animal's selling price and it will be deducted from the total price. We won't return the reservation fee if the cancellation is done by the buyer.​


* Reservation is possible as soon as the babies are born. If for some reason we can't supply you with your order your deposit will be returned immediately.

* The buyer must be over 18 years or have parent's permission.





* Sometimes we can make payment plans, which usually is done by paying the 20-30 % deposit and the rest monthly. We will take care of the animal until it is fully paid. You can send as much as you can afford every month, but the amount must be agreed before making the arrangement.

We accept cash, bank transfer and paypal.


* The animal must be paid in full before we hand it over.


* Primarily animals can be picked up from our home but we can deliver them to different places in Finland when agreed. We also visit some Reptile Expos in Europe and can take animals with us. Please inquire about transportation.


* We expect animals will be treated ​with respect, housed and cared properly in their new homes.


* If you have any questions, please contact us!

* We hope you have a great time with your Hbp´s ball pythons!