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Nina Hjelman

Lankoorintie 100

29100 Luvia


About us

"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home" - Gary Snyder

Our Story


We are a married couple from a little village on the west coast of Finland. We´ve had snakes since 2008 and now we focus on ball python morphs. The snakes are my passion and my husband plays only a small part in this hobby. Besides ball pythons, we have couple of Sd reticulated pythons, three leonbergers and four cats.


​When I was seven years old, our mother took us to see a snake show. I fell in love with them immediately and said that one day I will have my own. Our mother was scared of snakes, so I had to wait until I was a grown up. Overall it took 20 years to make that dream come true, but my motto has always been: "Better late than never".​


​Ball python has been the number one choice from the beginning. My first snake was a corn snake, but soon I realized it wasn´t enough. I bought a normal ball python and the rest is history. It didn´t take long to discover all the beautiful morphs and after that I just had to get more of them. I want to keep the collection quite small and instead of focusing on the quantity I feel like investing on quality.​